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  • Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful 3 Gallon Jug made and stamped by the "New York Stoneware Company, Fort Edward, N.Y."


    This company was in production in Fort Edward, New York from 1859-1885.


    This beauty features the pottery stamp with cobalt wash and a Large Freehand Cobalt Plume Decoration Up the Front.  Very exuberant!  Stands 16 3/4" tall.


    Excellent Condition.  An 1/8" nibble on the right side of the spout.   That's it!  No base chips, hairlines, cracks, stains, or restoration.  Some surface lines on the handle (closeup) and mottled clay--all in the making.  


    Ships double-boxed, insured, and FREE

    New York State Stoneware 3 Gallon Jug with Large Plume

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