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I have always had a passion for stoneware.  My grandmother kept all the stoneware from the family century farm in upstate New York when she moved away from it in 1959.  She had stories to tell about every piece, including the one pictured here that has been in my family since its original purchase, was her umbrella stand, and is now the symbol of my company.

I began buying and selling stoneware in 1964 when I was 8 years old.  I bought crocks and jugs at garage sales and auctions for fifty cents to a dollar and then resold them in my mother's famous twice-a-year garage sale for a 25 cent profit (which got me 5 candy bars!).  The only surviving picture of those stoneware missions is posted here-a rainy afternoon when I traveled on my bike to retrieve a treasure. I still use this very same bike to search for stoneware at outdoor shows.

In 1999 I founded Doc's Crocks and began selling stoneware on eBay as dr.crock. I have sold over 15,000 pieces of stoneware since then. eBay is no longer a hospitable or suitable platform for my business.  This website, antique shows, and my client list will be my new sales venues.


I plan to continue to have the largest selection of stoneware in the country, and to provide a safe and honest market for stoneware on and off the internet.


A sincere "thank you" to all my 5,000 customers past and present!


In my professional life, I am an ordained United Methodist Minister, Professor of New Testament Studies and Greek at Malone University in Canton, Ohio, and the author and editor of 250 books and articles on the New Testament published worldwide.  


Here is a link to my books on Amazon (in case you have insomnia!):


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