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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this Rare 1 Gallon Crock made for "R. Brueckmann & Co., Phila." 


    This crock dates around 1870-1880 and is unique for its small crock form and region of origin.   It was made in Southwest Pennsylvania, probably Greensboro, for a Philadelphia merchant.  That is rare because Remmey in Philadelphia made the vast proportion of merchant stoneware in that area at that time.  Also, the one gallon crock form for Southwest Pennsylvania is very uncommon.   I don't recall seeing more than a couple previous to this one.


    This beauty features the Small Size, Top and Bottom Stripe, and the Stenciled Advertising.   Very nice contrast between the cobalt and the gray background clay.  Stands 8" tall and 7 1/2" wide.  


    Very Good Condition.  A thin water glass stripe inside from use, two chips on the left handle (1/4" each) and two on the right (1/4", 1/2"), a 3/8" chip at the base, a 4" surface craze line to the right of the stencil (closeup 1), and a "Y" on the bottom that comes up as a "Y" on the back (closeups 2, 3).  No rim chips or restoration. 


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    Rare Philadelphia 1 Gallon Merchant Crock made in SW Pennsylvania

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