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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful 2 Gallon Jug made and stamped by the "Bangor Stoneware Co., Bangor, Maine." 


    This company was founded by Anders Perrson in 1880 and ran until around 1918 (William Ketchum, Jr., American Stoneware, p. 38). 


    This beauty features the Pottery Stamp with Cobalt Wash and a Very Large Folky Floral Filling the Front with Two Swirls at the Base, a Large Leaf, and Three Dotted Tendrils.  Stands 14" tall.


    Excellent Condition.  A flat 1/4" chip on the top of the spout on the back and a small wear spot in the middle of the left side.  That's it!  No base chips, hairlines, cracks, stains, or restoration. 


    Ships double-boxed, insured, and FREE

    Bangor Stoneware Co, Bangor, Maine Stoneware Jug w/ Large Floral #9781

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