• Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this phenomenal 1 Gallon Semi-Ovoid Jug made and stamped by "S. Hart."


    This is the stamp of Samuel Hart who ran the Hart family pottery in Fulton from 1840-1876 (William Ketchum, Jr., American Stoneware, p. 74).


    This beauty features the Pottery Stamp with Cobalt Wash, a Tulip with Pointed Stem, and a Capacity Number Flanked by Leaves.   As you can see, the cobalt is ELECTRIC!  Does not get any better.  I believe the person who mixed the cobalt the day this jug was decorated had stayed in a Holiday Inn!    Stands 11" tall.  


    Excellent Condition.  A flat 1" chip on the bottom near the edge  That's it!  No spout chips, hairlines, cracks, stains, or restoration.  A 1/4" glaze pop in the left petal of the tulip in the making.  


    Will be seen across any room in your display!

    S. Hart, Fulton, New York 1 Gallon Jug with Electric Tulip

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