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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this rare 1 Gallon Ovoid Jug made and stamped by "Moore & Colvin."


    This stamp represents a short-lived partnership between the Colvin family of potters and perhaps Alvin Moore who all worked in the Springfield, Tallmadge, Middlebury area of Ohio.  For what we know of these gentlemen, see F. Robert Treichler, A History of Northesst Ohio Stoneware, pp. 75-77.


    Dating to the mid-19th century, this little jug features an Ovoid Form with the Pottery Stamp with Cobalt Wash on the Shoulder.  Stands 11 1/4" tall.


    Excellent Condition.  A few very small stains and some old dried up molasses inside a the bottom.  That's it!  No chips, hairlines, cracks, or restoration. 


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    Moore and Colvin, Middlebury/Tallmadge Ohio Stoneware 1 Gallon Ovoid Jug

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