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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this monumental 6 Gallon Cream Pot from Northeast Ohio.


    Dating around 1860, this beauty features a Cream Pot Form with Tapered Sides, Gorgeous Light Gray Glaze, a Freehand '6" Capacity Number Flanked by Squiggle Stripes, and a Brushed Cobalt Tulip with 8 Leaves and a Blossom with 6 Petals.  The cobalt is liberally applied and in wide brush strokes on a light gray glaze for visual impact!  Measures 14" tall and 12" wide across the top.


    Good Condition.  A 5" hairline from the rim to the right of the capacity number (closeup 1).  No rim or base chips, stians, or restoration.  A 3" drying line inside in the back in the making that shows 1" on the outside (closeups 2 & 3).  


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    Monumental 6 Gallon Stoneware Cream Pot, Huge Tulip, Ohio #5020

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