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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful 4 Gallon Ovoid Jar made and stamped by "J. Batson."  


    This is the work of John R. Batson (1823-1901) who ran a pottery in Hopewell Township in Munkingum County, Ohio (James L. Murphy's Checklist of 19th Century Bluebird Potters and Potteries in Muskingum County, Ohio, pp. 100-101). 


    This piece came from James Murphy's private collection and is illustrated in his book (see photo above).


    This beauty features a Tooled Rim, Ovoid Form, Large Handles, and the Pottery Stamp.  Stands 15 1/2" tall


    Very Good Condition.  Two chips on the rim (1 1/2", 2"), a 4" vertical hairline on the front bottom (closeup), and two chips at the base (1/4", 1/2").  No inner rim chips, stains, or restoration.  Some bloated spots from impurities in the clay in the making.


    Only example of this potter's work that I have ever seen.


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    John R. Batson, Hopewell Township, Muskingum County, Ohio Stoneware Ovoid Jar

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