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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this Rare 2 Gallon Lidded Jar made for "James and Beal, Dealers in Groceries, Provi[s]ions & C., Cornor  of Ely & St. Paul St., Rochester, N.Y."


    The form and decoration indicate that this jar was made in the Heiser pottery in Buffalo between 1835 and 1857 (For more information, see William Ketchum, Jr., American Stoneware, p. 75).


    This beauty features an Early Lidded Jar Form, Five LInes if Impressed Advertising with Cobalt Wash, and a Large Left-Leaning Tulip. Stands 12 1/4" tall.


    Very Good Condition.  Six small chips inside (1/8" to 1/2"), one on top (1/2"), and one on the back of the rim (2").  A 2" line from the rim in the back that stops 1" inside at the seating ring.   Three adjacent chips on the base (1/4" to 3/4").  No stains or restoration.  The lid is mint. 


    Probably the only one of these we will ever see..


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    James and Beal, Grocers, Rochester, New York Stoneware 2 Gallon Jar with Tulip

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