• Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful 2 Gallon Jug made and stamped by "J. Burger, Jr., Rochester, N.Y."


    This is the mark of John Burger, Jr. who ran the Burger family pottery from 1880 to 1890 (William Ketchum, Jr., American Pottery, p. 74).  


    This beauty features the pottery stamp with cobalt wash and an Unusual Flower with Three Petals with a "Pom Pom" Tip Poised on 4 Striped Leaves.  All the decoration is applied with a slip cup.  Stands 13" tall.


    Excellent Condition.  Three 1/4" chips on the left side of the spout and a minor nibble on the front of the spout. That's it!  No base chips, hairlines, cracks, stains, or restoration.  


    Ships double-boxed, insured, and FREE

    J. Burger Jr., Rochester, New York Stoneware 2 Gallon Jug with Flower

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