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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this most attractive Yellow Ware Plate.  


    Dating to the late 19th century, this beauty features an Embossed Border of Roses, Thistles, and Clusters of Fruit, with a Center Sporting Roses, Lily of the Valley, and Fuchsia.  Exquisite detail and unlike any yellow ware plate I remember seeing in a long time.  Measures 8 1/2" across.


    You can see a couple similar plates in Lisa S. McAllister, Collector's Guide to Yellow Ware, Book III, pp. 32-33. 


    Excellent Condition. A single pinhead-size nibble on the back on one of the tips (closeup).  Otherwise without any apology.


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    Intricate Yellow Ware Plate with Roses, Lily of the Valley, and Fuchsia

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