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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this uncommon 1 Gallon Merchant Crock made for the "Heinsohn Bro's, House Furnishing Goods, Mt. Vernon, N.Y."


    This was made for two brothers, Richard and Ernest Heiisohn who had a hardware store in Mount Vernon on 122-124 South 4th Avenue from 1890 to 1912. The crock comes with serveral pages of history on these merchants from the Westchester County Historical Society.


    This beauty features the Small 1 Gallon Size, Three Lines of Impressed Advertising with Uncommon Subject Matter, and a Cobalt Leaf. Measures 7 1/2" tall and 8" wide across the top.


    Good Condition. Two chips inside the rim (1/8", 1/2"), a 2" hairline from the rim in the back (closeup 1) and a 1 1/2" hairline at the base below it that wraps under 2" with a small spider to the left of it (closeup 2). No outer rim or base chips or restoration. A 1" narrow chip inside the rim and some grooves on the front in the making.


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    Heinsohn Bro's, Mount Vernon, New York Stoneware House Furnishings Crock

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