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    If you have been searching for cobalt, and who has not!, here is a 3 Gallon Jar made by Hamilton and Jones of Greensboro, Pennsylvania that delivers!


    This is the work of Frank Hamilton and John Jones who worked in Greensboro, Pennsylvania from 1865 to 1897 (Phil Shaltenbrand, Big Ware Turners, pp. 154-157).


    Dating around 1870, this jar is a stunner!  It features Top to Bottom Decoration.  From the top down are a stripe under the rim, a row of dots on the neck, a stripe on the shoulder, a row of freehand vining with three fuchsia, a straight and squiggle stripe, the company advertising underscored with another straight and squiggle stripe, the capacity number flanked by large leaves, and a squiggle and straight stripe at the base.  Phew!  Stands 13 1/2" tall.  


    Very Good Condition.  A 1/2" chip on the underside of the right handle, and an inbody hairline from below the rim to the "n" of Greensboro, with a 2" arm under the far right fuchsia.  A neatly glued 1/2" flake at the juncture of the two lines (closeup).  Otherwise as made.  No  rim or base chips or restoration.     


    An exceptionally decorated early Hamilton and Jones Jar seldom seen on the market today.


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    Hamilton & Jones, Greensboro, Pennsylvania 3g Jar with Freehand, #4742

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