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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful 3 Gallon Jar made by "Hamilton & Jones, Greensboro, PA." 


    Dating to the 1870's, this beauty features an Eagle and Arrows Decoration.  From the top down are two straight stripes, a squiggle stripe, the company advertising surrounding an eagle with five arrows and accented on the corners by tulips, a capacity number flanked by leaves, and a bottom stripe.  The eagle symbolized a push in the northern advances in the Civil War.  All the decoration is crisp and complete.  


    The eagle was a symbol for the Union Army in the Civil War.  This eagle with its head down and pushig 5 arrows forward symbolizes the advance of the Union Army in the Civil War or America's progress forward.


    Very Good Condition.  A single vertical hairlineon the left front from above the bottom stripe to below the squiggle stripe as shown in the closeup.  No other apologies.  


    Ships double-boxed, insured, and FREE

    Hamilton& Jones, Greensboro, Pennsylvania 3 Gallon Jar with Eagle

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