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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this stunning 6 Gallon Jar made by Hamilton and Jones of Greensboro, Pennsylvania.  


    This is the work of Frank Hamilton and John Jones who worked in Greensboro, Pennsylvania from 1865 to 1897 (Phil Shaltenbrand, Big Ware Turners, pp. 154-157).


    Circa 1870,  this beauty features Top to Bottom Block Lettering and Freehand Vining and Fuchsia.  From the top down are 2 stripes defining the rim with a row of dots in between, an undulating vine with three fuchsia with dotted centers on the shoulder, the company name in full 1" block letters underscored by three stripes and accented with vining in the middle, and the capacity number seated on two stripes and flanked by vining at the bottom.  Additional cobalt accents at the handle terminals.  Light gray glaze and rich, dark, and shiny cobalt.  Stands 17" tall.


    This jar comes from the early period of Hamilton and Jones using quality glacial clay and wood to fire the kiln, and a very skilled artist that really took his or her time!  The peak of SW Pennsylvania stoneware production. 


    Very Good Condition.  Minor 1/4" flake inside the rim, a 1/2" chip on each end of the left handle and back of the right handle, a 4" vertical glaze-only line on the back near the bottom, and a little 1" T hairline on the bottom of the left side that wraps under 4" (closeup 1).  A spider hairline on the front from a tap (closeup 2).  No outer rim or base chips, stains, or restoration. 


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    Hamilton & Jones 6 Gallon Jar, Block Letters, Freehand Fuchsia #5906

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