• Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful 4 Gallon Stoneware Merchant Crock made for "H. F. Behrens, Centre Market, Grocery,  Wheeling, W. VA."


    Behrens was a grocery merchant in Wheeling who usually had his stoneware made in SW PA (probably Greensboro).  However, this crock appears by its heft and color to be made in Beaver, Pennsylvania instead.  


    Dating around 1880, this beauty features a Crock Versus the Typical Jar Form, a Stencil in 5 Lines Filling the Front, and a Capacity Number.  Measures 12" tall and 11" wide across the top.


    Very Good Condition.  A mainly surface "X" to the left of the decoration (6", 5") of which only 2" shows inside.  Some spots of light staining and wear from use.  No rim or base chips, cracks, or restoration. Fine bubbling in the lettering in the making. 


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    H. F. Behrens, Grocery, Wheeling, West Virginia Stoneware 4 Gallon Crock

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