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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful 2 Gallon Ovoid Jar made and stamped for "H. C. Smith, Alexa, D.C."


    This is the mark of the merchant Hugh C. Smith of Alexandria, Virginia.   From 1830 to about 1850, his pottery was made at his Wilkes Street Pottery under his ownership (1830-1833) and then by B. C. Milburn of Alexandria (1833 to about 1850) who bought the pottery from Smith's father in 1833 (See Eddie Wilder, Alexandria, Virginia Pottery 1792-1876 , pp. 91, 125-178). This exhibits a later form associated with Milburn. 


    This beauty features an Ovoid Form with Rolled Rim, Clear Pottery Stamp, a Exuberant Garland with Two Tulips on the Front, and Three Small Plants on the Back.  A fine example of Alexandrian artistry.  Stands 11 1/2" tall. 


    Very Good Condition.  A 1" hairline at the rim above the right handle, three chips on the left handle (1/2" to 3/4"), a chip on the right handle (3/4"), and a surface-only 5" line on the front right bottom that goes under 3" that is not visible inside (closeup).   No rim or base chips, cracks, stains, or restoration. 


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    H. C. Smith, Alexandria, Virginia Stoneware 2g Jar, att. Milburn, #5028

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