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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this Uncommon 3 Gallon Stoneware Water Cooler made and stamped by "Frank B. Norton & Co., Worcester, Mass."


    This is the mark of Frank Norton and Frederick Hancock who operated the pottery in Worcester, Massachusetts using this stamp from 1858 to 1877 (William Ketchum, Jr., American Stoneware, pp. 52-53).  


    This beauty features the Water Cooler Form with 4 Incised and Cobalt-Filled Bands Top and Bottom, Pottery Stamp with Cobalt Wash, and a Double Norton Plume Decortion in Vibrant Cobalt in the Middle.  Stands 12 1/4" tall.


    I don't recall ever seeing a water cooler by this maker. 


    Very Good Condition.  A 3 1/2" fine hairline on the right side from the rim to the bottom of the top stripes (closeup 1), and a 3/4" ping line on the left side of the spigot opening (closeup 2).  That's it! No Inner rim or base chips, stains, or restoration.    


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    F. B. Norton, Worcester, Massachusetts 3g Stoneware Water Cooler

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