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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful Merchant Wax Sealer that reads, "From E. J. Zink, Pouhatan, Ohio."  


    This jar was made by one of the potteries in Greensboro or New Geneva Pennsylvania.  


    Dating around 1880, this beauty features the Wax Sealer Form and Three Lines of Advertising Accented with Fancy Florals.  The grooved rim was used to pour hot wax into and affix a metal cap to seal in the fruit.  Stands 8 1/4" tall.


    Very Good Condition.   Minor nibbles and a 1" chip inside the inner rim, a flat 1/2" chip on the underside at the edge, and some light staining around the top.  A 1" hairline at the front bottom that wraps under as a very faint "T" (closeup).  No top rim chips or restoration.   A 1/4" stone ping below the merchant name in the making. 


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    E. J. Zink, Powhatan, Ohio Stoneware Wax Sealer

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