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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this uncommon 3 Gallon Jar made for "Down on the Farm, Preserves, C. W. Rodefer Co., Shadyside, Ohio."


    Dating around 1900 to 1920, this beauty features Four LInes of Blue Stenciled Advertising, and the Original Bail Handle.  It is a full 3 gallons (!) which is a size I have never seen for this preserve jar. Stands 12" tall.


    Excellent Condition.  Three chips on the inner seating ring where a lid would sit, the larger two on the underside of the ring (1/4", 1", 1"), a 1/4" flake on the top of the rim, a 1/2" chip on the back of the rim, and a 3/8" chip on the base.  A small Y-shaped line inside at the bottom that does not show on the outside.  No hairlines, cracks, stains, or restoration.  


    Ships double-boxed, insured, and FREE

    C. W. Rodefer, Shadyside, Ohio Stoneware 3g Preserve Jar #5697

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