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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this spectacular Blue and White 4 Gallon Water Cooler in the Cupid Pattern.


    It was made by the Western Stoneware Company of Monmouth, Illinois. Three sizes were listed in the 1926 catalogue: 4, 5, and 6 gallons. See Moumouth-Western Stoneware by Jim Martin and Bette Cooper, p. 82.


    This beauty features a Top and Bottom Border with a Fancy Buckle Design Repeated Four Times Around, and a Center Cartouche with a Cupid in the Center on Each Side. A garland of leaves further frames the cartouches. Blue accents on the embossed decoration. The lid repeats the buckle decoration. Stands 12 1/2" tall.


    Good Condition.  Two short hairlines from the rim on the back: 3" on the back to the right side of the cartouche (closeup 1), and one to the left of the cartouche (virtually invisible).  No chips, stains, or restoration.  The lid has a single flat 3/4" chip on the outer edge.  Otherwise mint.  An imperfection on the rim on the right side in the making (closeup 2).


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    Blue and White Stoneware Cupid Water Cooler, Western Stoneware, Monmouth, IL

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