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    Now for something completely different.  Here is a monumental 6 Gallon Cream Pot with Fruit Tree!


    The pot and the decoration give me great confidence to attribute this gem to Thompson Harrington of Lyons, New York.  Harrington who ran the pottery in Lyons from 1852 to 1872 (William Ketchum, Jr., American Stoneware, pp. 73-74).


    The pot features a Slightly Ovoid Shape, Semi-Rounded Rim, Incised Shoulder, and the Main Attraction:  A Fruit Tree!.  The tree was executed with a brush using strong and shiny cobalt.  It covers the entire front, having a center stem with four branches, each bearing two pieces of fruit.  The capacity number frames the tree at the top on both sides.  Measures 15" tall and 14" wide across the top.  


    This is the best tree on a piece of stoneware I recall seeing in a very long time.  And the size of the pot really makes an impression!


    Very Good Condition.  Four small chips inside the rim (1/4" to 1/2"), a 3/4" chip on the right handle, and a 1" chip on the back at the bottom.  Some short spider lines below the left handle that go nowhere (closeup 1).  A 2" ping line on the rim behind the left handle with a faint 2" line inside only (closeup 2).  Two lines by the right handle- 1 1/2" above the handle that is outside only, and 3" in front of the handle faintly seen inside as well (closeup 3).  Some surface-only lines on the underside center and scattered small stains.  No restoration.


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    6 Gallon Stoneware Cream Pot with Fruit Tree, att. Harrington of Lyons, NY #5803

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