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    Coming to you from Doc's Crocks is this wonderful 1 1/2 Gallon Jar with Fancy Capacity Number. 


    These were typically made by the West Troy Pottery of Troy, New York.  This pottery operated from 1863-1899 under various manufacturers (William Ketchum, Jr., Potters and Potteries of New York State, 1650-1900.  2nd ed., pp. 223-25). 


    Dating around 1880, this beauty sports a Fancy "1" Filled with Horizontal Stripes, with 1/2" Beside It and a Small Tornado Underneath.  Comes with a form fitting lid of a slightly grayer hue.  Stands 10 1/4" tall.


    Excellent Condition.  Small nibbles around the inner seating ring where the lid sits, a 1/4" chip and 1" surface ping line inside the top rim, and three small and flat chip on the underside near the edge (1/4" to 1/2").  That's it!  No outer rim chips, hairlines, cracks, stains, or restoration.  A 2 1/2" firing line on the back bottom that wraps under 2" in the making and glazed over (closeup). The lid has a faint 1 1/2" hairline from the rim and a couple chips on the knob.  


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    1 1/2 Gallon Stoneware Jar att. West Troy Pottery of Troy, N.Y.

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